Sweet Orange Coffee Scrub


Our Sweet Orange Coffee Scrub is an all natural exfoliator designed to help remove impurities and pigmentation leaving you with glowing and rejuvenated skin. Our Sweet Orange Coffee Scrub comes in a 200g waterproof pouch.
GROUND ROSE PETALS. A natural cleanser removing impurities, dirt, accumulated germs and excess oils from the face + body, providing the required nutrition and nourishment for the skin resulting in glowing skin.
SWEET ORANGE. A boost of vitamin C + antioxidant eliminating toxins from the body. Also nourishing dry + irritated acne-prone skin.
GROUND ARABICA COFFEE. Helps increase blood flow + circulation improving the look of cellulite, stretch marks, scars + pigmentation. Coffee also removes dead skin cells to help smooth the skin.
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INGREDIENTS: Ground Arabica Coffee, Brown Sugar, Sweet Orange Essential Oil, Crushed Walnut Shell, Poppy Seeds, Ground Rose Petals, Macadamia Oil and Grape Seed Oil.

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Body Oil:

Bloom – Frankincense, lavender + melaleuca


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