Sweet Orange Coffee Scrub


The Sweet Orange Coffee Scrub comes in a pouch. This scrub helps to remove impurities and pigmentation and to leave you with healthy glowing rejuvenated skin.
Ground rose petals are a natural cleanser removing impurities, dirt accumulated germs and excess oils from the face + body providing the required nutrition and nourishment for the skin resulting in glowing skin. Sweet Orange essential oil gives the skin a boost of vitamin C + antioxidant eliminating toxins from the body also nourishing dry + irritated acne-prone skin and ground arabica coffee beans helps increase blood flow + circulation improving the look of cellulite,  stretch marks, scars + pigmentation. Coffee also removes dead skin cells to smooth the skin.
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INGREDIENTS: Ground Arabica Coffee, Brown Sugar, Sweet Orange Essential Oil, Crushed Walnut Shell, Poppy Seeds, Ground Rose Petals, Macadamia Oil and Grape Seed Oil.

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Body Oil:

Bloom – Frankincense, lavender + melaleuca


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